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New Book: Sudoku Puzzles for Adults – Mega Collection 2022

Mega Mix Sudoku

Our largest collection yet of Sudoku puzzles for adults, teens and seniors. Over 1000 Sudoku puzzles with solutions.

Sudoku puzzles for adults, teens and seniors

  • 1000+ puzzles
  • Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme puzzles
  • Sudoku puzzles for adults, teens and seniors
  • Full solutions included
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New Book: 1970’s SciFi Variety puzzles

SciFi Puzzles

Variety Puzzle Book for Adults Vol 1: 1970 Sci-Fi Themed Puzzles for Adults. An activity book to improve your thinking skills and keep your mind … and Mazes. Trivia games for everyone.

Over 350 brain games to help keep your mind sharp.

  • 72 Sudoku puzzles
  • 100+ Word Search puzzles
  • 18 Number Search puzzles
  • 30 Cryptograms
  • 100+ Quotefall puzzles
  • 40 Mazes

Word puzzles are themed after famous science fiction movies of the 1970s such as:

  • Aliens
  • Mad Max
  • Death Race 2000
  • Sleeper
  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • Escape from the Planet of the Apes
  • Logan’s Run

Woven Mazes:
Woven mazes add the extra dimension of bridges and tunnels to a standard two dimensional maze. The puzzles increase in difficulty by size as well as the density of the bridges and tunnels throughout the maze.

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