PS4 Videos from IGN: Leak of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Shows Battle Pass – IGN Daily Fix

 On today’s Daily Fix:
A leaked screenshot from the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game seems to confirm the title will be a live-service game with a battle pass. What can you unlock with the battle pass? We don’t really know, but it could be cosmetic items for your squad. As for what else could be in the game’s online store, we’ll have to wait and see. A streamer with 6,000 hours logged into Red Dead Redemption 2 on Stadia (yes, Google Stadia), was not only able to transfer his game data over to another platform, but got a sweet gift bag from Rockstar. And the sleeper hit PS5 exclusive Returnal will be heading to PC next month, with a bunch of PC enhancements. It’s your Daily Fix! Read More 

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