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Twitch Giveaway for May 2024

Earn free !Dinero this month, enter the raffle for this Morphing Dragon Mug. Trade in 100 Dinero for each raffle ticket up to a maximum of 5. The winner will be chosen at random after the end of this month.

Check out the mug here!

See the official giveaway rules here: Rules

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March Giveaway!

At the end of this month, March 2024, I’ll be raffling off a free coffee mug inspired by Red Dead Redemption! Watch my live streams from now until the end of the month to earn free “Dinero”. Trade that Dinero in for tickets to enter the raffle. Collect one entry for every 100 Dinero traded in. Viewers can collect up to 10 entries for this giveaway.

Viewers will earn 1 Dinero for every minute they watch the stream in 5 minute intervals.

Enter “!points” to see how many points you have collected so far.

Followers will earn an extra 25 Dineros.

To collect an entry once you have enough Dinero, type !raffle 1 in the chat. You can collect up to 10 entrys max.


Up to 10 entries max per person. Limited to US residents only all others will be disqualified...

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New Etsy Store…

Featuring my Mean Mugs Collection!!

Check it out :

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