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PS4 Videos from IGN: The Surprising Inspiration Behind the Intro to Marvel’s Spider-Man | Art of the Level

 With Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered now released on PC, IGN sat down with some of the game’s devs to talk about how the introduction cinematic of Peter Parker’s apartment came to be and how one ‘80s cinema classic heavily inspired the entire process. This is Art of the Level. Read More 

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PS4 Videos from IGN: New Tales From the Borderlands Gameplay Video

 Check out 18 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming New Tales From the Borderlands developed by Gearbox and key alumni from Telltale Games who worked on the original series. Read More 

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PS4 Videos from IGN: River City Girls 2: The Next Big Beat-’em-Up?

 We played the first level of River City Girls 2, the new pixel-art beat-’em-up sequel from renowned developer WayForward. Previewed on PC by Gabriel Moss. Read More 

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