Magic Pengel: The Quest For Color

Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color is a PS2 title developed by Garakuda Studio and Taito. As a member of the monster battle genre, it shares a number of gameplay traits with games like Pokemon, in that the player takes on the role of a young up-and-coming monster battler and works their way up the ranks to become the champion. What’s unique about Magic Pengel, however, is that the player is empowered to create their own monsters, called ‘Doodles’, simply by drawing them into existence.

Follow me as I play thought Magic Pengel: The Quest For Color:

The Story:

Typical of the monster battle genre, the game’s story is mostly an excuse to make Doodles fight one another. The player is presented with a first person viewpoint for the majority of the game, except during a number of cutscenes, and is never able to see themselves.

At the start of the game, the player’s mysterious unseen persona befriends a preteen girl and her dumpy, whiny little brother. The group, through their domination of the Doodle Kingdom’s Doodle fighting tournaments, get caught up in a political situation that pits them against the evil king of the Doodle Kingdom, in an attempt to save, find, or revive the long lost Doodle King, who long ago stripped mankind of their ability to naturally create Doodles.

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