PS4 Videos from IGN: Battlefield 2042 – 16 Minutes of Season 2 Gameplay

 Battlefield 2042 is introducing a slew of content for Season 2: Master of Arms. See the new specialist, Crawford, new weapons and vehicle, all on the new map, Stranded.
00:00 – Breakthrough (Interior)
05:49 – Breakthrough (Exterior)
10:04 – Conquest (New Vehicle Gameplay)
13:48 – Conquest (Infantry Gameplay)
This gameplay video starts with a Breakthrough match by showing the new AM40 Carbine being used by the new Specialist, Charlie Crawford. Using his Mounted Vulcan stationary minigun lets him hold the interior angle of the beached container ship on the new map, Stranded. We also show the M16A3 in use in All-Out-Warfare, brought in from the Battlefield Portal modes. On the exterior of the map, we show the new AVANCYS high-tech LMG, PF51 sidearm, and Concussion Grenades. After switching modes to playing Conquest, we show off the new EBLC-RAM, a high-mobility offensive vehicle. Read More 

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