PS4 Videos from IGN: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – 26 Minutes of PS5 Demo Gameplay 4K 60FPS

 A full clear of the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty demo on PS5. This Wo Long gameplay encompasses the entire demo, but with any deaths cut out so it can be viewed as one continuous playthrough. From Team Ninja, known for Ninja Gaiden and Niho, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty takes place in 184 A.D. in China near the end of the Late Han Dynasty. You will face off against demons and soldiers as a militia soldier who is trying to suppress the Yellow Turbans. In this demo, you’ll enter the Guigugou Valley with 7 flags to find and use as save points, and 5 additional flags that will increase your standing. The Final boss, Zhang Liang is incredibly difficult and will require using all the skills you’ve acquired through your travels. Read More 

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